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Polka Dot Club Teddy Bear Hanger


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A celebration of the love of making: Polka Dot Club for Rudy Jude

~ mohair fur woven onto a cotton backing
~ vintage wooden covered hanger (each is unique and different)
~ Teddy: hand embroidered eyes & nose
~ cotton twill bow
~ 100% cotton stuffing
~ Very limited editions in each colorway

*Pictured: (second image) both 16" and 10" hangers shown here with garments of various sizes. Child sized garments are shown on both 16" & 10"- 16" makes the arms stand out (utility shirt) - (third image) 16" cream hanger with child's overalls.

**max one per customer-per address

*** this are shipping asap but may not arrive in time for Christmas. They are still being made- one at a time :)
handmade in Minneapolis by Jen
©2022 Jennifer Murphy



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