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Mohair Fabric: Over 150 years ago, the first teddy bears were designed and made out of mohair and we think it’s still the best fabric for the job. Our fabric is carefully woven on one of only a few looms left in the world: mohair fibers (sheared from the mohair goat) are looped onto cotton backing, creating a 100% natural fur that’s durable, beautiful, and totally unique.

Cotton: We use woven cotton, both natural and conventionally dyed. This high quality durable fabric is lovely to work with and even better for play.

Cotton Stuffing: We want what’s inside to be just as good as what’s on the outside, for that reason we use 100% Cotton grown in the USA. Our cotton stuffing has never been processed and contains no bleaches, dyes, fire retardants, or fungicides. More over, we use the leftover fiber discarded by the textile industry, putting to use what was previously seen as waste. That’s good for us, good for your little ones, and good for the planet.

Soft-Poly Stuffing: Poly-fill has it’s place. We use it in our  PDC Rabbits for a soft squishy feel, and to ensure ease of washing and drying.

Additional Fabrics: We’re constantly cycling through beautiful textiles. While there are too many to list here you’ll find 100% wool, linen and cotton throughout the PDC Line. We’re doing out best to seek out organic fibers whenever we can but the majority of the fabrics we use are conventional.