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PDC Medium Peach Rabbit + Honey & Toast Satchel Bundle


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A very special Rabbit and Satchel with so many dress-up options- Polka Dot Club + Honey & Toast Collaboration.

~ denim canvas
~ honey & toast leather handmade satchel
~ clothing bundle: vintage neckerchief, hand knit overalls, hand dyed bloomers, overalls, and bonnet
~ hand embroidered face & ankle laces
~ disk jointed neck and floppy limbs
~ stuffed with poly-fill
~ about 17 inches tall
~ Intended for Children ages 3 and Up.

Honey & Toast is a modern leather goods brand based in the UK. Adjustable straps can be worn securely crisscrossed or for easy on and off play- simply over the shoulder (both are pictured here).


handmade in PERU
clothing hand made in USA and PERU
©2020 Jennifer Murphy

leather satchel - handmade in the UK
©2020 Honey & Toast



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