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Neck Ruffle in Block Printed Gauze


Fits: Classic Bears, PDC Bear, PDC Big Bear, Medium Rabbits, and Large Rabbits & Cats, plus Floppy Bears wear it as a skirt!

~*hand block printed, loosely woven 100% gauzy cotton
~ hand wash - dry flat
~ Intended for Children ages 3 and Up

Easy of Dress-up: 1-3 out 5 (5 requiring the most dexterity to get on and off)

Some of these neck ruffles have less stretch than others making them harder to get over the Large Rabbit and PDC Big Bear heads- but once they're there... they stay in place :)

*Hand Block Printed Fabrics are imperfectly perfect highlighting their handmade nature. There are occasional flecks of colored threads, misses or overlaps in prints, and variations in thread widths in these clothing pieces.

handmade in India

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