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SAMPLE SALE- PDC Dolly- in naturally dyed dress


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SAMPLE & SECOND: This was the first Dolly made in the studio. She is more slight than those which went into production. Shes a bit more delicate and lighter because shes made of hand dyed (tea) muslin and stuffed with cotton rather than wool.

There is a small break in the weave of the muslin on her chin.

~ 100% cotton - tea dyed muslin and jersey body
~ hand dyed mohair hair
~ natural plant dyed dress (with small flaws from dying process)
~ wool yarn headband
~ hand embroidered face
~ disk jointed neck and floppy limbs
~ stuffed with wool
~ about 17 inches tall
Intended for Children ages 3 and Up

ALL SAMPLE SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE: All have tags marked with SAMPLE unless otherwise noted. These are items from the studio. Some were made as sample, kept as reference, seconds. All are priced accordingly.

Intended for Children ages 3 and Up

handmade in PERU & Minneapolis, USA
©2013 Jennifer Murphy


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