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PDC+MP Medium Rabbit SS2017


A very Special Collaboration: PDC+MP Medium Rabbit

~ Organic Cotton dyed with all natural plant dyes
~ Misha + Puff pima cotton Summer Beach Walk Bonnet

~ Hand dyed Cotton Romper
~ hand embroidered face
~ disk jointed neck and floppy limbs
~ stuffed with poly-fill
~ hand made cotton pompoms
~ about 15 inches tall
~ limited edition of 100 in each color

~ for all accessories made for this Rabbit see "Medium Rabbit" in the drop down menu

Intended for Children ages 3 and Up


These very special pieces, dressed in the most beautiful scaled down Misha and Puff pima cotton knits, are made from Organic Cotton that's been hand dyed in natural plant dyes. Each Rabbit is carefully sewn by a sewing group started for the hearing disabled in Lima, Peru. All knits are hand knit by the Misha and Puff knitting co-op, with the same beautiful hand dyed pima cotton we use for their garments.  

Inspired by traditional craft, the Polka Dot Club and Misha and Puff both pay homage to the past but make wholly modern pieces for children today. Jen and Anna's relationship grew out of a reverence for each other's work, a deep consideration and care for the way their designs are made, and true friendship. Out of this came our first collaboration: Each piece is lovingly hand made in Peru, with patience & care.

handmade in PERU
©2017 Jennifer Murphy

Knit Goods: handmade in PERU
©2017 misha-and-puff


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