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One-of-a-Kind * Embroidered Little Cream Cat


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One-of-A-Kind hand embroidered Cat. Add a pair of small Butterfly Wings take the magic to the next level completely (photographed with Small Hand Dyed Sky butterfly Wings). Add additional customized embroidery here.

~ 100% cotton canvas 
~ hand embroidered face and ankles 
~ one of a kind embroidery in Navy and Light Blue
~ floppy limbs 
~ stuffed with poly-fill 
~ about 9.5 inches tall (toes to top of head- not including ears) 
Intended for Children ages 3 and up

** Embroidery Floss is made of multiple small threads. These pieces are carefully and thoughtfully embroidered; but if played with regularly, played with roughly or the stitches are pulled the threads may break or come loose. This would not persuade me to keep them on the shelf, but if you want them to remain "perfect" that would be the best spot for them.


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